Have You Been Charged With A Serious Crime?

Police targeting prescription drug crimes in New York

State and federal governments have recently started enacting new laws in an effort to reduce the amount of crime associated with prescription drug abuse. In many of these situations, an individual becomes addicted to a painkiller or other legal drug, and takes drastic measures in order to continue to have access to the drug.

A recent federal law increases the penalties for those convicted of prescription drug crimes. This includes pharmacists that allow access to the drugs, and also those who knowingly purchase stolen pills for resale.

Many individuals using the prescription drugs may not even be aware that they are breaking the law. If a person does not have a prescription from the doctor for controlled substances, they could potentially be charged with unlawful possession, even if they have limited quantities.

Some users of the pills may have prescriptions, and be taking prescribed doses as instructed by doctors and physicians. However, each medication may have different side effects. Many of these effects may make it unsafe to drive, which may lead to DWI charges if the individual is stopped by police.

Police have started to use new methods aimed at curbing some of the crimes related to prescription drug abuse. In New York City, police have implanted GPS devices into the caps of fake pill bottles. The containers would look like they were full of the drugs that thieves would be targeting, but would be empty. The GPS would then disclose where the bottle is located, making it easier for police investigating the crime.

If this method proves to be successful, other law enforcement agencies in New York may use similar tactics to slow the spread of prescription drugs. This could result in many more individuals being arrested for drug crimes throughout the state.

Many people do not know how to react after they have been arrested. Police will question you about your role in the crimes, in the hopes that you will make their jobs much easier. Anything that you say can eventually be used against you in the courtroom. No matter how nice they may seem, they are not looking out for your best interests.

Speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney about the options that are available in your situation. After a careful review of the facts of your case, you can determine how to best defend yourself against the charges. Each conviction will only increase the penalties that you may be facing, so it is important that you know what you need to do to protect your rights.