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May 2018 Archives

3 common white-collar crimes

When you think of the word "criminal," you might conjure up some stereotypes and misconceptions about what a criminal typically looks like. The truth is, there is no singular image of crime that applies generally. Many people who appear to be normal, average citizens or esteemed professionals can engage in criminal behavior. The prevalence of white-collar crime proves this to be true. 

Mistakes to avoid during a DUI checkpoint/traffic stop

In an ideal world, anything you say and do at a DUI checkpoint or during a traffic stop would not have an impact on your case. In reality, things are not that simple. Law enforcement agencies in Syracuse and across the country routinely collect incriminating evidence from alleged offenders and hand it over to the prosecution all the time. If you ever find yourself dealing with law enforcement because they suspect you are operating your vehicle while impaired, you might want to be mindful of your words and actions. 

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