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An Unexpected Consequence of a DWI Charge

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2020 | DWI

A night out with friends can become a nightmare if a Syracuse resident is stopped and arrested for suspected drunk driving. In New York, DWI charges can carry serious legal consequences if the affected individuals are convicted of their alleged crimes. New Yorkers charged and convicted with drunk driving crimes may face costly fines, the losses of their driving privileges, and even periods of incarceration. These penalties may significantly alter the approach that young professionals take to living their lives.

Beyond the penalties that the state may impose on drivers who are charged and convicted with drunk driving crimes, other consequences may befall those who have faced drunk driving charges in the past. One way that a drunk driving charge or conviction may affect the future of an individual is through the execution of background checks by prospective employers.

Some employers undertake criminal background checks of the men and women that they intend to hire to ensure that they are not bringing on employees who may cause detriment to their organizations. A drunk driving charge or conviction may appear in a person’s background check and may disqualify them from employment if their position requires them to operate a motor vehicle or engage in other sensitive activities.

However, state and federal laws are somewhat limited regarding how drunk driving charges and convictions can impact individuals’ employment prospects. In order to meet the legal and related consequences of DWI and drunk driving charges, those facing related allegations can choose to work with attorneys who support DWI clients.

A DWI charge is serious but it does not have to throw off all the plans that a Syracuse driver has made for their future. Individuals who are establishing their careers and who are moving up in their industries can benefit from seeking the counsel of lawyers and legal professionals who understand how to negotiate and defend drunk driving cases.

While different alleged drunk driving crimes may have different legal proof elements and potential outcomes, options like expungement, plea negotiations, and others may help drivers protect their driving privileges and moving forward in their personal and professional lives. This post does not provide its readers with legal advice and should serve as a review of information only.