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New York cracks down on ghost guns, implementing new gun laws

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Criminal Law

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the dangers of “ghost guns” from the president down to local law enforcement agencies. Ghost guns are called that because they have no serial numbers – making them nearly impossible to trace back to an owner if they’re used in a crime – as they often are. 

These firearms are often referred to as “homemade” or “personally manufactured,” even though they more likely are made using a kit. In New York state, they’re illegal.

Over 400 ghost guns seized so far in 2022

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul as well as state and local law enforcement officers are cracking down on these illegal firearms. Gov. Hochul recently announced that New York State Police have so far this year seized over 100% more illegal firearms than last year. Over 400 ghost guns alone have been seized.

Ghost guns are relatively new. As New York State Police Superintendent Kevin Bruen said, “This concept of personally manufactured firearms, it just didn’t exist in New York five years ago. With the ability to take these parts and relatively easily assemble them, this became a source of guns.”

New restrictions on concealed carry following Supreme Court decision

Gov. Hochul’s and many New York state lawmakers’ focus on gun safety caused them to take action soon after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling earlier this year regarding the carrying of concealed weapons. The ruling made it easier for New York residents to get a concealed carry permit.

Soon after the ruling, the state legislature passed and Gov. Hochul signed legislation that made obtaining a concealed carry permit more difficult. They also limited the public spaces in which someone can legally carry their weapon.

Despite the Supreme Court ruling, New York continues to have stronger gun laws than many other states. That’s why it’s crucial that anyone who seeks to get a gun or already owns one understands the laws around firearms in this state. If you find yourself facing charges, it’s wise to seek legal guidance to protect your rights and your freedom.