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Understanding the long-term impact of DWI

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | DWI

Facing DWI charges in New York can be a scary and overwhelming situation. Most people focus on the immediate consequences of the charge and what may happen if they are convicted. 

Unfortunately, few people in these situations understand the long-term impact that a DWI conviction can have on their lives. 

License considerations

A DWI conviction can result in the loss of your license or restrictions put on where and when you can drive. Once your license is revoked, you may have trouble getting to work or other places you need to go. When you can’t drive freely, you must rely on others or public transportation to get where you need to go. This can be frustrating for everyone involved. 

Employment issues

Conviction of a DWI can impact your current job in several ways. Multiple court dates, mandatory community service and even a jail sentence may cause you to lose your job. 

Additionally, having a DWI conviction on your record may prevent you from being hired by potential employers. This may impact your future earning potential significantly. 

Auto insurance rate increases

After a DWI conviction, you should expect your auto insurance rates to go up. That’s because the insurance companies now view you as a “risky” driver and will charge you more. In some cases, your former rate may be tripled or more. 

Due to the significant impact that a DWI charge can have on your life now and in the future, it’s a good idea to learn what legal defenses you can use to fight it. Doing this can protect your future and freedom, along with your license, job and auto insurance rate.