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Selecting a Jury for a Criminal Trial

  When a defendant decides to choose a jury trial over a bench trial, where the case is heard by a judge only, jury selection becomes very important to the outcome of the trial. The defense is required to follow certain procedures in selecting, and excluding,...

Murder By Extension: The Felony Murder Rule

It may seem unbelievable that a person can go to prison for murder when the authorities know that a different person killed the deceased and these facts are presented to the jury. However, it is possible for a person under certain circumstances to be legally charged...

New York State and Revenge Porn

There have been many reports of people's intimate and explicit videos being shared online without their knowledge or consent. The videos and photographs have been of both celebrities and everyday people, and there are even websites dedicated to hosting these videos...

Predicate Felonies And Sentence Enhancement

A person's criminal history often impacts many areas of his or her life, and especially has the ability to negatively affect future criminal proceedings and sentencing against the person. A first-time offender does not often receive the same sentence as a person who...

Seeking Medical Help During a Drug or Alcohol Overdose

Seeking Medical Help During a Drug or Alcohol Overdose   The fear of being arrested and charged with a criminal offense can keep some people from seeking assistance when they or their friends are suffering from a drug overdose. It becomes a hard choice to weigh...

The Injustice of a Wrongful Conviction

A documentary on a man currently serving a life sentence for the 2005 murder of a woman has led to about half a million petitions for the man's release based on the belief that he is innocent of the crime. Perhaps part of what makes this particular story so...

Presenting Factors in Your Favor to Reduce Sentencing

Presenting Factors in Your Favor to Reduce Sentencing   After a defendant is convicted of a crime, his sentence is often still not cast in stone. Unless the court has made a sentencing commitment as part of a plea bargain, the defendant's sentence could range...

The Sale of Firearms Under Federal Law

The Sale of Firearms Under Federal Law   According to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) statistics, there were sixteen active shooter incidents per year in the United States between the years 2009 and 2012. These have included fatal shootings in movie...

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