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Seeking Employment After a Criminal Conviction

Having a criminal record can be a great barrier to obtaining gainful employment. People can be wary of hiring employees with criminal records because they do not find them trustworthy or because they are afraid that their customers would object if they knew that the employee had been in trouble with the law. Nevertheless, people with a criminal conviction should not be punished for the rest of their lives for past mistakes when they have already served their time.

Justice Department Seeks to Prevent Criminal Record Expungement

The purported purpose of the criminal justice system and in particular, the Department of Justice, is to transform those who enter the system from convicted criminals to functioning members of society. The sad truth is that a federal prison or a stint on federal probation may only be the beginning of a lifelong sentence of difficulties for those convicted of a crime that can include increased roadblocks when attempting to find employment or even get a higher education.

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