Have You Been Charged With A Serious Crime?

Our First Meeting

Calling a lawyer for help with a criminal issue can be intimidating. You may feel embarrassed about the charges you are facing. Or you may be hesitant to meet with an attorney because you don’t know what to expect.

I am attorney George F. Hildebrandt, and I understand your hesitancy. I also know that it can be easier to take the first step toward protecting your future if you know what to expect.

Listening To Your Side Of The Story

When you come to my office in Syracuse, New York, for your scheduled meeting, the first thing I will do is listen to your side of the story. I may also ask you some questions about your case so I can understand exactly what happened.

As your attorney, it is important for me to learn all of the facts of your case. Our first meeting is the best time to do this because the events are still fresh in your mind, and knowing what happened can help shape the most effective defense.

Understanding Your Goals

After we talk through the events that led to your criminal charges, I will seek your input. I understand that the outcome of this case affects your life more than anyone else’s. For that reason, you deserve to have a say. We will talk through the outcome that you would like to see and determine how best to work toward it together.

Determining The Best Approach

Once I know what your goals are, I will begin to determine the best way to approach your case. By understanding your unique circumstances, I will have a better idea of which defenses are viable and which are not. I will also determine if any additional investigating should be done to help support your defense.

Explaining Next Steps

Before you leave my office, I will make sure you understand what will happen next in your case. I will give you a time frame of events and walk you through any processes that you will be directly involved in.

Keeping You Informed

One of the most common complaints people have about their lawyers is that they are not kept up-to-date on their case. That is not the case at my firm.

Throughout the life of your case, I will make sure you know what is going on. I will copy you on all communications I have with the court, the district attorney and others about your case. I will check in with you periodically with updates, and I will always be ready to answer your questions when you call or email.

Schedule Your First Meeting Today

To arrange a time to discuss your case with me, please call my office at 866-929-3285 or 315-350-3980. You may also contact me online.