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Leandra’s Law, NSC and MADD drunk driving views, and the IID

Some experts, including those at the National Safety Council and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, believe not enough is happening to stop drunk driving.

The state of New York has passed stringent legislation, such as Leandra’s Law, to keep drunk drivers off the road. Among the penalties for DWI is installation of an ignition interlock device.

Can you lose financial assistance from a DWI?

Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated can lead to disastrous consequences. Recently, an Auburn man drove drunk and took his vehicle off the road. The man survived the crash, but police arrested him for DWI

In addition to fines and jail time, a DWI conviction can lead to consequences that follow individuals for the rest of their life. Students have the risk of losing academic scholarships. Each scholarship has its own rules, but students can lose the one way to pay for a college education due to one mistake. 

3 popular drugs on college campuses

College is an exciting and overwhelming time for young adults. It is an experience that provides students with many opportunities for discovery and exploration. For many young adults, it is the first foray into adulthood. With this newfound independence and freedom, experimentation with drugs may take place. 

It is no surprise that college is a time during which many young adults use, misuse and abuse drugs and alcohol. This behavior can come with a variety of health risks, educational repercussions and criminal punishments. Here is a list of the most commonly used and abused drugs on college campuses. 

4 reasons breathalyzer tests give false-positive readings

Few things can ruin an otherwise fun night on the town faster than flashing lights in your rearview mirror. If officers suspect you are over New York’s legal limit for blood alcohol concentration, 0.08 percent, they may ask you to take a roadside breathalyzer test. If the test confirms officers’ suspicions, you may find yourself in a jail cell. 

Like all machines, breathalyzer tests are not perfect. If you think the test you took gave a false-positive reading, attacking its validity may be an effective strategy for avoiding serious legal consequences. Here are four reasons breathalyzer tests may issue a false positive: 

Your student record after a disciplinary hearing

A college student record follows the student for the term of his or her academic career. In some cases, it may also have an effect on the student's career opportunities. As such, it is important for students to be aware of what is on their records.

disciplinary hearing can definitely raise some concerns in regard to a student record. There are a few key things to understand.

How to keep police officers from searching your car

Whether you are 16 or 66, interacting with law enforcement officials can be extraordinarily intimidating. If officers think you have committed a crime, a stop can be downright scary. Still, how you behave when officers pull you over may influence the criminal consequences you face. 

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. In most cases, officers must obtain a warrant before they search your property, take your belongings or arrest you. There are exceptions to this rule, however. Importantly, when driving a vehicle, officers only need probable cause to search your car. Here are four ways to keep police officers from searching your vehicle: 

The outcome of a DWI case could hang on breathalyzer error

An unexpected incident involving expired breathalyzers and the Philadelphia Police Department caused instant concern about the outcome of hundreds of drunk driving cases.

An alert attorney brought the matter to light. Could this kind of problem happen in Syracuse?

How prevalent is drunk driving in Central New York?

Drunk driving happens all across the nation, but some areas have higher rates than others. As a whole, New York is doing well compared to the rest of the country. A 2017 report from the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee reveals that the state ranks low in fatalities from driving while intoxicated.

However, upon closer look, the rates for Central New York are high. 

Ways a DWI can affect your life

A person arrested for DWI can expect serious consequences. In New York, most people will contend with some jail time or a large fine even for a first offense. Recently, New York State Police arrested a 63-year old woman for causing a car accident while intoxicated. 

Numerous consequences can occur as a result of a DWI conviction. Even after paying the fine, you may still feel the ramifications of your actions years down the road. That is why any New Yorker needs to fight DWI charges to avoid the following side effects. 

Important drug statistics from NIDA

You are probably well aware that using illegal drugs may cause health complications and legal repercussions. However, you may not fully understand the seriousness of the issue. One of the best ways to open your eyes to the deeper problems of substance abuse is knowing some trends and statistics. 

There is a wide variety of research data on drug usage. The National Institute on Drug Abuse collects findings to help educate the public on the dangers of drug abuse and addiction. Here are some of the most compelling facts from the NIDA about illicit drug use.

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