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How prevalent is drunk driving in Central New York?

Drunk driving happens all across the nation, but some areas have higher rates than others. As a whole, New York is doing well compared to the rest of the country. A 2017 report from the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee reveals that the state ranks low in fatalities from driving while intoxicated.

However, upon closer look, the rates for Central New York are high. 

Ways a DWI can affect your life

A person arrested for DWI can expect serious consequences. In New York, most people will contend with some jail time or a large fine even for a first offense. Recently, New York State Police arrested a 63-year old woman for causing a car accident while intoxicated. 

Numerous consequences can occur as a result of a DWI conviction. Even after paying the fine, you may still feel the ramifications of your actions years down the road. That is why any New Yorker needs to fight DWI charges to avoid the following side effects. 

Important drug statistics from NIDA

You are probably well aware that using illegal drugs may cause health complications and legal repercussions. However, you may not fully understand the seriousness of the issue. One of the best ways to open your eyes to the deeper problems of substance abuse is knowing some trends and statistics. 

There is a wide variety of research data on drug usage. The National Institute on Drug Abuse collects findings to help educate the public on the dangers of drug abuse and addiction. Here are some of the most compelling facts from the NIDA about illicit drug use.

Will the DMV add points to your record for a DWI conviction?

Perhaps you are a student at Syracuse University. You were driving home after a party, went through a stop sign and a law enforcement officer pulled you over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

What happens now in terms of penalties? Will the DMV add points to your record? The outcome of the traffic stop depends on a number of factors.

Are DWI checkpoints legal in New York?

Checkpoints are legal in the state of New York. While some people believe these checkpoints infringe on drivers' rights, courts have sided with the police in saying they are a necessary deterrent to prevent people from driving while intoxicated. They become far more prevalent during the holidays when people are more likely to drink and drive. 

It is vital for drivers to remain professional when going through one of these checkpoints. There are rules the police need to follow, so it is important to remember your rights.

What are signs an employee is embezzling?

If you own a business, you are responsible for a seemingly endless list of tasks and duties. It can be quite difficult to oversee every small detail of your business. Depending on the size of your company, you may have to delegate a lot of oversight to other employees.

Embezzlement is a serious problem many business owners face. When employees embezzle funds, they usually use telltale techniques an astute employer can pick up on if he or she is extra vigilant. By knowing some signs of employee embezzlement, you can protect your organization from this crime and take action in the unfortunate event it happens to you.

How to avoid police body camera mistakes

People across the nation debate the use of police body cameras. A body camera is a relatively new device in law enforcement's arsenal of tools. A police officer wears the small camera clipped to his or her uniform, helmet or safety glasses to record video and sound when necessary.

You may never meet an officer with a body camera, but you might want to read the body camera policies of the New York Police Department to understand your rights. A body camera need not be a threat to you unless you panic or give the officer any reason to detain you. To avoid mistakes, keep your actions neutral and adjust your behavior according to your surroundings.

Must I answer questions when I have pending criminal charges?

Many young adults in Syracuse are not aware of how important it is for them to know their rights and how they apply to various situations they may end up in. When criminal charges are on the table, it is important to use every available resource available, including a good defense attorney. The police are not on your side. Though you may feel you can talk things over with law enforcement to get them to drop the charges against you, that is very unlikely to happen. 

Sometimes it is best to say nothing to police officers. Their job is to gather evidence to support your criminal charge, and one common tactic police and investigators use to perform their duties is interrogation and conversation. If you do not know your rights, you could end up incriminating yourself without realizing it. You do not have to answer questions about the alleged crime. Take some time to learn what the police can do during an arrest.

Remember your rights when the police pull you over

A police traffic stop is often a stressful and intimidating situation because you may not know exactly how to conduct yourself when a cop pulls you over. For example, you may know that you have certain constitutional rights, but you also want to be respectful and cooperative.

It is crucial to remember your rights whenever you have an encounter with law enforcement. Here are a few protections you should always keep in mind:

Signs an employee may be embezzling

Embezzlement is a specific category of larceny that consists of taking and keeping funds that belong to someone else but that the employee has authorized access to. Such a theft can occur in a variety of settings. Whether the funds in question consist of millions of dollars at a New York investment bank or a few hundred at a local grocery store, employees in a position of trust may, unfortunately, succumb to temptation and cause substantial damage to a business's bottom line and reputation.

Early warning

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