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Syracuse Conspiracy Lawyer

Conspiracy charges are frequently used by prosecutors in order to bring in a greater variety of evidence. Conspiracy is often charged in white collar and drug possession or distribution cases, particularly in federal drug prosecutions. Prosecutors believe (with good reason) that it is easier to prove that people agreed to commit a criminal act than it is to prove that they actually committed a crime.

Conspiracy and Illegal Wiretapping

Wiretaps are often a component of an investigation that leads to conspiracy charges. A skilled criminal defense lawyer will look into the legality of the procedures that law enforcement agents used in obtaining and carrying out those wiretaps. In the event that a large part of the evidence was gathered illegally, there may be grounds to have your drug case dismissed.

Effective Defense Is Possible

Although charging a conspiracy gives the prosecution significant advantages, they are not indefensible cases. The prosecution must prove more than your mere presence or association with individuals engaged in illegal conduct. I have successfully defended numerous conspiracy cases, including obtaining complete acquittals.

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Some Factors to Consider in a Conspiracy Case

Was surveillance conducted in an illegal manner? Did an informant with questionable motives provide law enforcement agents with information that led to your conspiracy charges? Allow me to explore with you these and other urgent questions and issues pertaining to your conspiracy charges, as we plan together how best to present a strong case for your defense before a prosecutor and/or a judge.

In my solo practice I am able to devote one-on-one attention to my clients. I have achieved a number of successful results, including acquittals and reduced sentences. My experience and success has helped me build my reputation and garner the respect of the communities I serve.

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