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Without a doubt, the one factor that can immediately raise the stakes in any criminal case is the discovery of a handgun, concealed weapon, or other firearm. Given the deadly nature of these weapons, their presence in a robbery, assault or drug crime often connotes a more serious menace. It is hardly surprising then that crimes involving guns are treated more seriously and carry more stringent consequences for the person convicted.

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Heightened Offense Classifications

When you are charged with a crime such as possession with intent to sell, robbery, or assault and are in possession of a firearm, the classification of the offense is automatically heightened. The consequences of a conviction are likewise greater.

Crimes Involving Firearms and Federal Court

Some crimes, such as a drug trafficking offense involving firearms, may wind up in federal court. Federal crimes are handled differently than those on the state level and carry more serious penalties. My trial experience at the federal level is solidly backed by a number of successes.

Examining Witness Testimony

My approach to handling criminal charges involving firearms is often driven by a thorough examination of non-police witnesses. By interviewing and cross-examining lay-witnesses, and challenging statements, I am often able to break down a statement and uncover inconsistencies.

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