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Syracuse Drug Treatment Court Lawyer

In the last few years, drug treatment court has become an important way for the justice system to respond to offenses that relate to drug or alcohol use. If you are charged with a nonviolent crime and do not have a violent criminal record, your defense attorney may be able to get your case diverted from the usual judicial process and handled in drug court.

Resolving Substance Abuse Issues in Drug Court

I am attorney George Hildebrandt, and for more than 35 years I have provided focused and dedicated criminal defense services to Syracuse-area clients. I am very familiar with the drug court procedures and know how to make them work most effectively for my clients facing drug or other charges. Contact me today to discuss your case.

How Drug Court Works

The procedure for getting into drug court can vary considerably in New York State. Sometimes, people will be admitted there prior to pleading guilty, and if they are successful in the program, their charges will be dismissed. Others may have already pleaded guilty, and may be permitted to later withdraw their plea and either have their charges dismissed or plead guilty to a reduced charge if they are successful in complying with the court’s terms and conditions.

Once someone is in the drug court program, the court staff receives regular updates from treatment providers. The goal is not only to resolve the criminal charges, but also the underlying substance abuse issue that gave rise to them.

How I Can Help?

Using the credibility and reputation I have built over the years, I seek to persuade the prosecutor and the judge to place appropriate clients in the drug court or other judicial diversion program. In DUI/DWI cases, I will assist clients in obtaining counseling to help achieve a favorable result. I also educate my clients about how to qualify.

Once someone is admitted to the program, I monitor the progress and am prepared to offer encouragement and advocacy when issues such as a missed appointment or a positive drug test arise. One dirty UA (urinalysis) shouldn’t get you kicked out of drug court, and I stand ready to make that case to the court forcefully.

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