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Syracuse Mortgage Fraud Lawyer

Federal law enforcement authorities are devoting more and more resources to prosecuting white collar crimes such as mortgage fraud and real estate fraud. If you’ve been charged with mortgage fraud, or think you may be charged, you need to get an experienced criminal defense attorney working on your behalf − to resolve the charges or, if possible, stop them from being filed in the first place.

Experienced Real Estate Fraud Attorney

I am attorney George F. Hildebrandt, and for over 35 years I have provided focused and dedicated criminal defense services to Syracuse-area clients. I am very familiar with mortgage fraud cases and know how to protect my clients’ rights effectively. Contact me today to discuss your case.

Types of Mortgage Fraud

I defend clients throughout New York against all different types of mortgage fraud charges, including those involving:

  • Using an inflated appraisal to take out a fraudulent home equity loan, then walking away
  • Property flipping − Transfer of property several times through straw buyers or shell corporations to disguise fraudulent appraisals and make money off the resale
  • Foreclosure rescue scams, in which companies take money through upfront fees, then do nothing to prevent foreclosure
  • Loan fraud − Misrepresentation on loan applications in order to use fraudulent information to qualify for a mortgage loan

Mortgage fraud charges are usually brought in federal court, and they must be defended vigorously. I will use my over 35 years of criminal defense experience to contest the charges vigorously and make sure your rights are protected.

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