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Legal Defense For Synthetic Drug Charges

The last few years have seen attempts by local, state and federal governments to deal with the increasing use of synthetic drugs. Such drugs include synthetic stimulants, often referred to by names like “bath salts”, and synthetic marijuana, marketed in the past under names such as “K2” and “Spice.”

Bath salts are synthetic cathinones, and include such drugs as MDPV, a-PVP, pentedrone, pentylone, mephedrone and methylone. Synthetic marijuana involves synthetic cannabinoids that have been applied to plant material such as damiana or marshmallow leaf. If you are facing charges of possession or distribution of such substances in the Syracuse, New York, area, please call me. I am George F. Hildebrandt, Attorney at Law, and I can help.

Government Prosecution Tactics

The federal government has responded in a variety of ways. Some drugs have been added to the list of controlled substances, including by emergency scheduling by the DEA and by legislation such as the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012.

The federal government has prosecuted the possession and distribution of other drugs as controlled substance analogs, arguing that they are the legal equivalent of the controlled substances the drugs are meant to mimic. States have lagged behind in this area, but have sought to use existing laws enacted for other purposes, such as those prohibiting the sale of misbranded drugs.

A Lawyer With Experience in a Newly Developing Area

I not only have 30 years’ experience as a criminal defense attorney representing clients in many serious drug crimes cases, but also possess extensive experience in this new and developing area of the law. As the defense attorney in a high-profile case involving one of the first large-scale, nationwide prosecutions for the distribution of bath salts and synthetic marijuana, I conducted an extensive hearing involving both DEA and defense experts. I have consulted with both renowned experts and attorneys in other areas of the country involved in this cutting-edge area of the law.

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