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Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with or accused of a crime, it may feel as though your world has been turned upside down. You may feel anxious or scared, and you worry that you may lose everything you have — your job, your reputation and your liberty. Whether your offense is very serious or relatively minor, the consequences of a conviction can be life-altering. In addition to fines, imprisonment or probation, having certain criminal offenses on your record can impact your ability to get or keep employment, access education, or obtain quality, affordable housing.

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What Makes Me Different?

My clients come from all walks of life, from average working people to doctors and other lawyers. The one thing they all have in common is that they trust me with handling one of the most important matters of their lives.

College Students Deserve Qualified Legal Help Too

If you are a college student, or the parent or guardian of a student, who has been accused of or charged with any type of offense, please contact me.

Trial Experience Matters

After three decades as a criminal defense attorney, I have handled many high-profile, complex cases, and acquired significant trial experience. This is a very significant asset should your case proceed to trial.

Dedicated Defense Against
All Types Of Criminal Charges

I have represented clients on all types of charges, including:

  • Drug or controlled substance crimes, from simple possession to manufacturing and smuggling charges, including complex cases that involve wiretapping
  • Drunk driving, whether a first-offense or a felony DUI
  • White collar crimes, such as money laundering, professional malpractice and identity theft
  • Violent crimes, including firearms charges, sex crimes and homicide

Many of these charges may be prosecuted at either the state or federal level, so it is important to choose an attorney who has significant experience defending cases in federal courts. Government agencies that prosecute federal offenses have significant resources, but an effective defense is possible. Whatever charges you face, I can help you through every step of the process, from bail or pretrial detention to probation.

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