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How To Respond To Charges Of White-Collar Crime

George F. Hildebrandt, Attorney at Law, takes a proactive approach to defending clients who have received a subpoena or have been charged with white collar crimes. Far from being a time to wait things out or stick one’s head in the sand, taking steps to understand exactly where my client stands is of highest priority to me in fraud cases.

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Are You Under Investigation for a White Collar Crime?

My experience has given me the tools needed to address a number of concerns related to white collar crimes such as:

White collar crime cases are often preceded by a precharge investigation, and it is wise to have an experienced advocate — like myself — at this early stage. I also represent public officials accused of corruption, and defend professionals in many fields who risk losing their livelihood and damaging their reputation.

Secure Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately

In cases of fraud or embezzlement, the need to obtain a lawyer to represent you from the outset is crucial. White collar crimes often have a paper trail leading clearly back to their perpetrators. When working with clients who have been arrested or are under investigation for white collar crimes, I make sure subpoenas are issued properly and contact prosecutors early to find out what they are looking for and where their investigation is heading. I set realistic expectations and apprise clients of what they should expect early on.

Many white collar crimes end up in federal court. In my 30 years of experience, I have successfully tried numerous cases in federal court. Federal cases are handled differently from those on the state level — make sure the lawyer you choose to represent you is experienced defending cases on this level.

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