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Syracuse Money Laundering Lawyer

Money laundering charges are often brought along with other criminal charges such as drug trafficking, business fraud or conspiracy. Money laundering essentially involves engaging in financial transactions with the intent to disguise that the money was obtained from illegal activity.

Despite limitations in several Supreme Court rulings on what activity is covered by the money laundering statutes, Congress has persisted in efforts to insure that the money laundering statutes can be invoked by prosecutors to cover a wide range of accusations.

If you are suspected of disguising the source of a large sum of money or perhaps accused of paying or receiving kickbacks disguised in the form of business payments, you may face accusations of money laundering. Contact an experienced, dedicated Syracuse, New York criminal defense attorney to schedule a consultation.

Charged With Money Laundering in New York?

Federal money laundering statutes can carry significant penalties of up to twenty years imprisonment and substantial fines. Some believe that the addition of money laundering counts in an indictment provide leverage to secure a guilty plea.

Your constitutional rights apply in a money laundering case just as they do with other criminal charges. You have the right to freedom from illegal search and seizure. You have the right to have your attorney confront and vigorously cross-examine witnesses who are cooperating with the government in the hope of receiving a reduced sentence even though they may have been the main targets of the investigation.

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