Have You Been Charged With A Serious Crime?

Building Strong Defenses For College Students Charged With DWI/DUI

Some parents believe that their children should pay the price if they are arrested for DWI/DUI/drunk driving while at college. Often, parents do not realize how steep that price can be.

There are many ways for college students to make amends for a mistake without jeopardizing their future, including community service, drug or alcohol programming or other actions. For more information, contact George F. Hildebrandt, Attorney at Law, in Syracuse, New York.

Help For Students Facing Alcohol-Related Charges

I am a criminal defense attorney with more than 35 years of experience defending college students against charges like DWI and drug possession. I will work to achieve a positive outcome for students charged with any alcohol- or drug-related crimes, including:

  • DWI/drunk driving
  • Driving while ability impaired by drugs
  • Purchasing alcohol for minors
  • Purchase or possession of alcohol by minors
  • Possession of a forged driver’s license/fake ID

A DWI conviction can result in a license suspension or revocation and send your insurance rates skyrocketing. If you are under 21, the suspension or revocation of your license can be for a much longer period than if you were above that age. I will represent you in court or at an administrative hearing before the Department of Motor Vehicles. I will fight against a license suspension or request a restricted license so you can continue to drive to work or school.

I will negotiate with the district attorney seeking to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced, or prepare to defend your case at trial. To show the prosecution that you are not alcohol dependent and are unlikely to re-offend, I may recommend that you be evaluated by a certified alcohol evaluator.

Zero Tolerance DWI For Minors

New York has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to minors who mix drinking and driving. If you are under 21 and are caught driving with even a very small amount of alcohol in your system, you face suspension or revocation of your license and the payment of a civil penalty. Although this is not a criminal offense, you will face a hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles to determine whether your license should be suspended or revoked.

Looking For Fake IDs

Police often go into college-area bars, prevent patrons from leaving and check the ID’s of everyone inside. In college towns, police are also often on the lookout for fake ID’s, asking college students for identification and peering carefully in their wallets when they comply for other identifications that might not be legitimate. Anyone caught with a fake ID could face prosecution, including a misdemeanor or felony record and potential jail time. School suspension and expulsion are also possible consequences.

Call An Attorney As Soon As Possible

If you have been arrested for any alcohol-related offense, please contact me, criminal defense lawyer George F. Hildebrandt as soon as you can. Call 866-929-3285 or toll free at 315-350-3980 any time of the day or night.