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Ways a DWI can affect your life

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A person arrested for DWI can expect serious consequences. In New York, most people will contend with some jail time or a large fine even for a first offense. Recently, New York State Police arrested a 63-year old woman for causing a car accident while intoxicated. 

Numerous consequences can occur as a result of a DWI conviction. Even after paying the fine, you may still feel the ramifications of your actions years down the road. That is why any New Yorker needs to fight DWI charges to avoid the following side effects. 

Increase in auto insurance

After any kind of car accident, you can expect your car insurance rates to increase to an extent. Even if your DWI does not result in an accident, you can still expect your rates to increase for years to come. If you lose coverage, you may have a difficult time finding an insurance policy elsewhere. A fine is one thing, but you could end up paying for the DWI via your auto insurance policy for years to come. 

Harder time getting work

In the event you apply for a new job, you may have to disclose a DWI conviction. Even if the application does not ask about a criminal background, an employer may conduct an independent search and find it in the public record. A DWI can be particularly detrimental if the job in question requires you to drive. 

Loss of scholarships

When a student becomes charged and convicted of driving while intoxicated, then it is highly likely the student will lose any scholarships he or she has. Many scholarships require you to maintain a perfect record. Additionally, some universities have a zero tolerance policy for any crimes committed by students. It is entirely possible a student with a DWI charge will face expulsion.