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How social media affects criminal defense

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Criminal Law

If you have recently been arrested on criminal charges, you will have the opportunity to defend yourself and argue that you are innocent. However, when doing this, there will be a team of prosecutors to find evidence of your guilt. They may be able to gather testimonies from witnesses, evidence from security cameras, and physical evidence such as stolen goods or illegal substances.

In today’s modern age, they may also be able to gain another type of evidence: digital evidence. It’s easier than ever to find information online, regardless of whether you have private social profiles or not. It could be possible for prosecutors to gain access to information on your social media accounts and successfully find incriminating evidence. The following is an overview of how to safeguard your social media account and prevent it from incriminating you.

It’s better to post nothing at all

In learning that your social media posts can incriminate you, you may think that it is a good idea to make a post asserting your innocence and explaining your actions. Do not do this — it can create even more problems. Your lawyer will help you to work on your defense strategy, and you will have the chance to explain yourself in court. Therefore, it’s better to stay silent on social media.

Law enforcement can gather check-in data

Social media apps can track your location, and this data may be used by law enforcement. Therefore, it is best to delete all social media apps while your case is pending, so that law enforcement is unable to gather any potentially incriminating information.

Do not delete your accounts

While you may want to delete phone apps, deleting your accounts could make you appear guilty even when you are not, since it may be perceived as trying to destroy evidence.

If you have recently been arrested and you are now facing charges, it is important that you take swift action to build your defense strategy.