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How the New York drug courts help those accused of crimes

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | Drug Crimes

Drug addiction is a serious issue that affects not only the individual struggling with chemical dependence but also everyone around them. Despite the criminalization of numerous substances and the careful control of prescription medications, addiction is a major issue across New York.

The impacts of addiction aren’t just personal. Society has to offset the damage drug use causes to individuals and the crimes that result from addiction. There is a strong association between chemical dependence and criminal activity. Many people accused of drug offenses and property crimes have underlying substance abuse issues that contributed to their behavior or decisions.

If you recognize that you have an issue with addiction and face criminal charges in New York, the drug courts could potentially help you.

How the New York drug courts function

The New York drug courts serve as an alternative to traditional criminal prosecution. They are a form of pretrial diversion that can help address the underlying cause of criminal activity. New York has both juvenile and adult drug treatment courts that serve as a form of rehabilitation support for certain criminal defendants.

If you qualify for drug court proceedings, you will likely have to undergo mandatory treatment for your substance abuse issues. The drug court process usually involves multiple hearings and meetings with court officials combined with randomized drug testing and substance abuse treatment, sometimes impatient treatment.

If you complete all of the requirements established by the judge in your case, then you won’t face direct criminal penalties or have a criminal record. Additionally, the treatment you undergo can help you correct the underlying issue that led to the criminal activity and may help you avoid any future encounters with law enforcement.

Do you think the drug courts would be the best option for you?

Obtaining adjudication in the drug court can be a complicated process, especially for someone unfamiliar with the criminal courts in New York. Your best chances of success may come from getting professional help while evaluating whether you qualify and also when submitting the necessary requests for drug court adjudication.

Learning more about the possible ways to respond to New York drug charges will help you move on from a mistake related to addiction.