Have You Been Charged With A Serious Crime?


Excellent Attorney: My family has used George for 2 different types of cases. I found him to be very professional and at the same time very personable. He is an attorney with extensive knowledge who kept us informed on a regular basis and returned ALL calls and or e-mail responses on the same day.

I deal with attorneys on a regular basis thru my job and find George’s attentiveness to his clients very refreshing. I would highly recommend George to anyone who is in need of a solid defense.

George takes the time to explain the legal process for those who are not familiar with legal aspects he also makes you feel comfortable and does not pass judgment, to the contrary he really listens to the details of the case and leaves you with the feeling that he will do his best to get the ultimate best result.

We had serious cases for George to work on and though it was a stressful time in our lives, he did in fact, get the best possible result for us and has allowed us to move forward with no legal issues on record.

I will be forever thankful to George for his kind, courteous and very professional attitude to my family and for the desirable outcome of our cases.

Thank you so much George ! – K

Attorney George Hildebrandt was recommended to us by my brother. At first, I was hesitate to hire him as my attorney but when I got to know him, I can honestly say he is an all-in lawyer who truly cares about his clients. He asks probing questions but intently listens to the answers because you will hear him repeat it weeks down the road. Mr. Hildebrandt is an experienced knowledgeable lawyer with a great team to back him up. He is fast to respond to any questions or concerns. One of the many things that I respect him for is his honesty and that he sets clear expectations. His priority is getting the client the best deal, which he did. The judge dismissed all charges against us. He was a tremendous help to our family and we are grateful. Thank you so much for your service. – S.

From the beginning of our interactions together, Mr. Hildebrandt was very helpful, willing to answer and explain anything I needed help with during my legal process. I had never gone through anything like it before, and Mr. Hildebrandt made it very easy to understand the process, its options, and my choices personally. During his representation of me, I was never in the dark about anything – his actions were communicated clearly and quickly, I always knew what was going on and why. I would definitely recommend his services to friends of mine. – D.

George Hildebrandt was very honest, reliable and helpful in dealing with me and my case. He was very quick to respond to phone calls and e-mails. I have used several Attorneys in the past, and George was by far the best Attorney I could have ever found. I highly recommend George Hildebrandt. – M

I highly recommend George F. Hildebrandt, Esq. for any legal matter. I was referred to him by a friend and was fearful that I would lose my life (my job, my license to practice in a certain field, and serve jail time) due to 6 petit larceny charges. As soon as I met with George, he was clear about the severity of my case, but put me at ease. I was aware of every step he made and although I was scared, he created trust. He always made me feel that I was a priority. George was able to negotiate my charges down to non-criminal offenses and had 4 of the 6 charges dismissed. Due to George Hildebrandt, I now still have my license and no criminal record. Thank you George for protecting my future! -T