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When are Miranda Rights Required?

Most people can recite at least a few Miranda rights thanks to television police procedural dramas. However, fewer people understand when these rights come into play when dealing with police and what the consequences are if police fail to advise a person of these...

Predicate Felonies And Sentence Enhancement

A person's criminal history often impacts many areas of his or her life, and especially has the ability to negatively affect future criminal proceedings and sentencing against the person. A first-time offender does not often receive the same sentence as a person who...

Seeking Medical Help During a Drug or Alcohol Overdose

Seeking Medical Help During a Drug or Alcohol Overdose   The fear of being arrested and charged with a criminal offense can keep some people from seeking assistance when they or their friends are suffering from a drug overdose. It becomes a hard choice to weigh...

Individual Privacy Versus the Greater Good

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's attempts to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino mass shooters have led to a national discussion on what concessions should be made with respect to individual privacy in pursuit of the greater safety of the...

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