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When are Miranda Rights Required?

Most people can recite at least a few Miranda rights thanks to television police procedural dramas. However, fewer people understand when these rights come into play when dealing with police and what the consequences are if police fail to advise a person of these...

Individual Privacy Versus the Greater Good

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's attempts to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino mass shooters have led to a national discussion on what concessions should be made with respect to individual privacy in pursuit of the greater safety of the...

Threats and the Meanings of Emoji

Communication through emoji and emoticons has become more commonplace in today's world of electronic communication. There is research that indicates that approximately 88% of teens aged 13 to 17 have access to cell phones or smart phones, and that 90% of teens use...

New York Senate Proposes Tougher Rules For Synthetic Drugs

Last month the New York Senate passed bills aimed at regulating the sale of synthetic marijuana and other cannabinoids. The new bills not only provide for criminal prosecution for anyone possessing or selling cannabinoids, they also provide for civil penalties such as...

It is Who You Know: Enterprise Corruption Charges

The law can sometimes be complicated and obscure to most people, especially those who find themselves charged with serious crimes and facing serious time if convicted. In few other instances is this confusion felt more than when a person is charged with the crime of...

The Effect of Time on a Sexual Assault Accusation

The recent charging of a prominent celebrity for sexual assault in Pennsylvania stemming from an incident that was claimed to have occurred in 2004 has raised questions regarding the statute of limitations for such a crime, not only in Pennsylvania, but around the...

Governor Cuomo Announces New Pardons for Convicted Teens

There is some good news this holiday season as the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced that he will pardon thousands of adults who were convicted as young offenders in New York. The opportunity will be available for people who were convicted of non-violent,...

Hope for Federal Prisoners Convicted of Drug Crimes

Sentencing for federal drug crimes has been criticized as being unduly harsh, especially for low level drug offenders. Federal sentencing guidelines have sometimes resulted in seemingly unjust high prison terms for low level non-violent offenders. Changes to the...

Public Officials and Public Corruption Charges

In New York, the Office of the Attorney General's Public Integrity Bureau investigates and pursues criminal charges of public corruption, especially involving fraud, government corruption, and abuse of authority. Depending on the nature of the crime, the Federal...

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